2016 SoCal Pro Wrestling Results


SoCal Pro Wrestling | Rumble In Oceanside
October 15th 2016
Boys & Girls Club Oceanside, CA

1. PBR def. HATE
2. Dirty Doug def. Todd Chandler to retain the Golden State Title
3. Tommy Wilson & Ricky Mandel def. Motros & Mike Camden
4. Tommy Wilson outlasted all other compeditors to win the over the top Rumble and Challenged Mike Camden for the nov event.


1. Destro
2. Todd Chandler
3. Dirty Doug
4. SoCal Crazy
5. Dark Usagi
6. Hunter Freeman
7. De La Unda
8. Ju Dizz
9. Ricky Mandel
10. MIchael Masters
11. Andy Brown
12. Anthony Idol
13. Joe Gamble
14. Joey Barone
15. Commando
16. Snake
17. Rico
18. Kitana Vera
19. Che
20. Tommy Wilson
21. Machievski
22. Motros


1. Todd Chandler by Destro
2. De La Unda by Ricky Mandel
3. Ryan Walker by Usagi
4. Hunter Freeman by Anthony Idol
5. Andy Brown by Destro
6. Ju Dizz by Destro
7. Dirty Doug by Destro
8. Joe Gamble by Anthony Idol
9. Commando by Anthony Idol
10. Michael Masters by Anthony Idol
11. Destro by Anthony Idol
12. Snake by Ricky Mandel
13. Che by SoCal Crazy
14. Rico by SoCal Crazy
15. Ricky Mandel by Motros
16. Machievski by SoCal Crazy
17. Kitana Vera by Anthony Idol
18. Joey Barone by SoCal Crazy
19. Motros by Tommy Wilson
20. Anthony Idol by SoCal Crazy
21. SoCal Crazy by Anthony Idol


  SoCal Pro Wrestling | Super Clash
Sept 17th, 2016
Boys & Girls Club Oceanside, CA

  SoCal Pro Wrestling | Title Turmoil
August 20th, 2016
Boys & Girls Club Oceanside, CA

1. Commando def. De La Unda
2. Non-Title Match: Tommy Wilson & Motros def. The Wildsiders (c)
3. Ryan Kidd def. SoCal Crazy
4. PBR def. The Ballard Brothers
5. Anthony Idol def. Nick Lovin in a NO DQ Match
6. Doug, Bravo & Destro vs. Ju Dizz, Adrian Quest & Andy Brown ended in a no contest
7. Sasha Darevko def. Mike Canden in 2/3 falls via DQ.
SoCal Pro Wrestling | 9-Year Anniversary
April 16th, 2016
Boys & Girls Club Oceanside, CA

1. Destro def. Jason Redondo
2. The Wildsiders def. The ballard Brothers, PBR & Adrian Quest & Andy Brown to become new SCP Tag Team Champions
3. Ricky Mandel def. Tommy Wilson
4. Dirty Doug def. De La Unda
5. Ju Dizz def. Anthony Idol to become the new SCP Golden State Champion
6. STEEL CAGE MATCH: Mike Camden def. SoCal Crazy to become new SCP Champion

SoCal Pro Wrestling | March Madness
March 19th, 2016
Boys & Girls Club Oceanside, CA

1. Ashley Grace & Jorel Nelson def. Devin Dalton & Damien Smith
2. The Wildsiders & Dirty Doug def. Chris Kadillak & Adrian Quest & Andry Brown
3. Ricky Mandel def. Big Duke
4. Anthony Idol def. Ju Dizz to retain the Golden State Title
5. The Revolution def. PBR
6. Mike Camden is the mystery opponent who def SoCal Crazy in a non title match


SoCal Pro Wrestling
February 6, 2016
Boys & Girls Club Oceanside, CA

1. Dirty Doug def Big Jack
2. Damage Control (Duke & Destro) def The Wildsiders (Andre Machiveski & Dark Usagi)
3. Mike Camden def Chris Kadillak
4. Anthony Idol def Devin Dalton in a non title match
5. Andy Brown & Adrian Quest def The Ballards (Shannon & Shane Ballard) to retain the SoCal Pro titles
6. Ju Dizz def Ricky Mandel to become #1 contender for the Golden State Championship
7. SoCal Crazy def Ray Rosas by DQ


SoCal Pro Wrestling - New Years Retibution
January 9th 2016 | Oceanside, CA

- LOSER LEAVES TOWN MATCH - Ju Dizz def. Joe Gamble
- Anthony Idol (c) def. Motros to retain the Golden State Championship
- SoCal Crazy def. Mike Camden to retain the SCP Championship
- Dirty Doug & JJ Williams def PBR (Ryan Walker & HUnter Freeman
- Sasha Darevko def. Damien Smith
- Andy Brown & Adrian Quest def. The Wildsiders to become the NEW SCP Tag Team Champions
- Ricky Mandel & Kitana Vera def. Commando & Ashley Grace


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