2015 SoCal Pro Wrestling Results

SoCal Pro Wrestling
December 5th 2015 | Escondido, CA

1. The Wildsiders (Machievski & Usagi) def. PBR (Freeman & Walker)
2. Casanova Fantastico def. Ashley Grace & Commando
3. Anthony Idol & Joe Gamble def. Tommy Wilson & Motros
4. Ricky Mandel def. Ju Dizz


SoCal Pro Wrestling
November 17th 2015 | Oceanside, CA

1.The Wildsiders


SoCal Pro Wrestling - Rumble In Oceanside
October 17th 2015 | Oceanside, CA

- Bonus Pre Show Match: Mike Camden def. Sasha Darevko
1.The Wildsiders & Dirty Doug def. The Rebel Renegades & Ryan Kidd
2. Ricky Mandel def. Tommy Wilson
3. SoCal Crazy def. Brandon Gatson to retain the SCP Heavyweight Championship
4. Ju Dizz lasts 20 other competitors to become the 2015 RUMBLE Winner


SoCal Pro Wrestling - Super Clash
September 12th 2015 | Oceanside, CA



SoCal Pro Wrestling - Title Turmoil
August 15th 2015 | Oceanside, CA

1. The Jester def. Danny Limelight
2. Dirty Doug def. Eddie Randle
3. Anthony Idol got disqualified by Special Guest Referee Tommy Wilson vs. Andy Brown
4. The Wildsiders def. The Rebel Renegades to retain the SoCal Pro Tag Team Championships
5. Ricky Mandel def. Ispuritu Infernal
6. SoCal Crazy def. Ryan Kidd & Cholo to retain the SoCal Pro Championship


SoCal Pro Wrestling
August 1st 2015 | Escondido, CA

1. Dark Usagi & Andre Machievski def. CJ Supa & Eddie Randle
2. SoCal Crazy (c) def. Incindio Calavera
3. Ricky Mandel def. Big Duke & Casanova Fantastico
4. Anthony Idol accepts the SCU Rookie of the year awayd from Jay Cal on behalf on Mike Camden
5. Devin SParks def. Motros
6. SoCal Crazy, Kitana Vera, Anthony Idol & Jester def. Danny Limelight, Rebel Renegades & Ashley Grace


SoCal Pro Wrestling | Summer Sizzle
July 18th 2015 | Oceanside, CA

1. Motros Jungle def. The Jester
2. Sasha Darevko def. CJ Supa
3. Anthony Idol def. Ryan Kidd to retain the Golden State Championship
4. The Wildsiders (Machievski & Usagi) def. The Rebel Renegades to become tag team Champions
5. Dirty Doug def. Cholo
6. Ricky Mandel & SoCal Crazy def. Tommy Wilson & Danny Limelight


SoCal Pro Wrestling | Summer Classic | Night 2
June 20th 2015 | Oceanside, CA

1. Tommy Wilson (replacing injured Ashley Grace) def. Andre Machievski
2. Sasha Darevko def. Ju Dizz
3. Dirty Doug def. Big Duke
4. CJ Supa & Anthony Idol go to a double count out
5. Tommy Wilson def. Sasha Darevko
6. SoCal Crazy (c) def. Chris Kadillak
7. Dirty Doug def. Tommy Wilson to become the 2015 Summer Classic Winner.


SoCal Pro Wrestling | Summer Classic | Night 1
June 19th 2015 | Escondido, CA

1. Big Duke def. Vance L.
2. Anthony Idol def. Danny Limelight
3. Andre Machievski def. Joe Gamble
4. Sasha Darevko def. Motros Jungle
5. CJ Supa def. Ricky Mandel
6. Ashley Grace def. Kitana Vera
7. Dirty Doug def. Destro
8. Ju Dizz def. Dark Usagi
9. SoCal Crazy def. Tommy Wilson to become 4 time Heavyweight Champion


SoCal Pro Wrestling | May Day
May 16th 2015 | Oceanside, CA

1. Kitana Vera & Kings Jester def. Motros & Ashley Grace
2. Ryan Kidd & Mike Camden def. Andre Machievski & Dark Usagi
3. Dirty Doug def. Danny Limelight
4. Anthony Idol def. B-Boy to retain the Golden Statr Championship
5. The Rebel Renegades def. Joey Barone & Alexander Paul
6. Ricky Mandel def. Peter Avalon
7. Tommy Wilson & SoCal Crazy end in no contest.


SoCal Pro Wrestling | 8-Year Anniversary
April 18th 2015 | Oceanside, CA

1. El Vienom def. Bruce Gwarstein
2. Dirty Doug Bosco def. Casanova Fantastico
3. Alexander Paul, Joey Barone & King Colossus def. Ryan Walker, Incindio Calavera & Motros
4. Kitana Vera def. Ashley Grace
5. Ryan Kidd def. Danny Limelight
6. The Rebel Renegades def. The Ballard Brothers to retain the SCP Tag Team Championships
7. Team Tommy Wilson, Mike Camden, Thrash, Destro def. Team Everett Scott: Andre Machievski, SoCal Crazy, Dark Usagi & Anthony Idol


SoCal Pro Wrestling
March 14th 2015 | Oceanside, CA

1. Ryan Walker & Casanova Fantastico def. King Colossus & King's Jester
2. Dirty Doug Bosco def. Mike Camden
3. Andre Machievski & Dark Usagi def. Ronnie Thrash & Big Daddy Destro
4. The Rebel Renegades def. Ricky Mandel & Danny Limelight
5. Anthony Idol retains the Golden State title vs. Motros
6. SoCal Crazy & Kitana Vera def. Tommy Wilson & Ashley Grace


SoCal Pro Wrestling
February 21st 2015 | Escondido, CA

1. Incindio Calavera def. Vienom
2. Motros def. Dark Usagi by DQ
3. King Colossus & Kings Jester def. Mike Camden & Ryan Walker
4. Ju Dizz def. Joey Barone by DQ
5. Tommy Wilson & Ashley Grace def. Andre Machievski & Danny Limelight


SoCal Pro Wrestling 'Gold Fever'
February 7th 2015 | Oceanside, CA

Pre-Show Match: Incindio Calavera & JRDub def. Venom & Bruce Gwarstein
1. King Colossus w/ Kings Jester def. Casamova Fantastico
2. Golden State Title Match: Mike Camden def. Anthony Idol (c) due to DQ
3. Dirty Doug Bosco def. Motros
4. Dark Usagi def. Ryan Walker
5. SoCal Pro Tag Team Championship: Joe Gamble & Ju Dizz def. SoCal Crazy & Kitana Vera to become SCP Tag Team Champions
6. Ashley Grace def. Danny Limelight
7. Andre Machievski def. Tommy Wilson by DQ
8. Tommy Wilson & Mike Camden def. Anthony Idol & Andre Machievski by DQ


SoCal Pro Wrestling 'New Years Retribution'
January 10th 2015 | Oceanside, CA

1. Pre-Show Match: Dirty Doug def. Ashley Grace
2. SoCal Crazy & Kitana Vera def. King Colossus & Kings Jester to retain Tag Team Titles
3. Ricky Mandel def. Motros
4. #1 Contender Match: Joe Gamble & Ju Dizz def. Joey Barone & Alexander Paul and the team of Anthony Idol & Dark Usagi
5. Mike Camden def. Cholo to retain the Golden State Championship
6. Anthony Idol def. Mike Camden to become the New SCP Golden State Champion
7. Big Daddy Destro def. Danny Limelight
8. Tommy Wilson def. Andre Machievski to become SCP Heavyweight Champion


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