2013 SoCal Pro Wrestling Results

SoCal Pro Wrestling
December 6th 2013
Escondido, CA - Results

1. Duey Blackburn & Nightmare Azteca def. Giant Maldacito
2. Alexander Paul def. Mike Camden
3. Brothers Divine & Anthony Idol def. Nick lovin, Pulpo Dorado &
4. Big Duke def. Andre Machievski to retain the SCP Heavyweight Championship

SoCal Pro Wrestling "Redemption"
November 9th 2013
Oceanside, CA - Results

1. The Brothers Divine def. Kitana Vera & Dewy Blackburn
2. Todd Chandler def. Rene Bustamante
3. Willie Mack def. Andre Machievski
4. Anchors Away (c) def. Mike Camden & Jacob Diez to retain the Tag Team Titles
5. Tommy Wilson, SoCal Crazy & Ronnie Thrash def. Nick Lovin, Ricky Mandel & Big Duke

SoCal Pro Wrestling "A Ruble In Oceanside"
October 12th 2013
Oceanside, CA - Results

1. Johnny Yuma def. Andre Machievski
2. Anchors Away def. Pulpo Dorado & Dewey Blackburn to retain the SCP Tag Team Titles
3. Ricky Mandel def. Tommy Wilson
4. Big Duke def Nick Lovin to retain the SCP Heavyweight Championship
5. SoCal Crazy won the over the top Rumble to become the new Golden State Champion


1. David E. Jones
2. Shin PayRo
3. Ryan Stone
4. Giant Maldacito
5. Tommy Wilson
6. Ricky Mandel
7. SoCal Crazy
8. Mike Camden
9. Johnny Yuma
10. Pulpo Dorado
11. Ronnie Thrash
12. Rene Bustimante
13. Brothers Divine
14. Nightmare Azteca
15. Andre Machievski
16. Jimmy Ray Walker
17. Kitana Vera
18. Dewey Blackburn
19. Gustavo Duran
20. Nick Lovin

1. Shin Payro eliminated by: Tommy Wilson
2. Giant Maldacito eliminated by: Tommy Wilson
3. David E. Jones eliminated by: Tommy Wilson
4. Ryan Stone eliminated by: Tommy Wilson
5. Tommy Wilson eliminated by: Everett Scott
6. Pulpo Dorado eliminated by: Mike Camden
7. Rene Bustimante eliminated by: Andre Machievski
8. Mike Camden eliminated by: Dewey Blackburn / SoCal Crazy
9. Johnny Yuma eliminated by: Ricky Mandel
10. Andrew Divine eliminated by: SoCal Crazy
11. Gage Divine eliminated by: Ronnie Thrash
12. Nightmare Azteca eliminated by: Thrash / Gustavo Duran
13. Kitana Vera eliminated by: Nick Lovin
14. Jimmy Ray Walker eliminated by: SoCal Crazy
15. Dewey Blackburn eliminated by: Ronnie Thrash
16. Andre Machievski eliminated by: Ricky Mandel
17. Gustavo Duran eliminated by: Ricky Mandel
18. Ronnie Thrash eliminated by: Ricky Mandel
19. Nick Lovin eliminated by: SoCal Crazy
20. Ricky Mandel eliminated by: SoCal Crazy

SoCal Pro Wrestling "Super Clash"
September 21st 2013
Oceanside, CA - Results

Pre-Show: Nick Lovin def. Kitana Vera
1. B-Boy, JRDub & Thrash def Joey Barone, Shady & Matt Twizted
2. SoCal Crazy dev Rene Bustamante in a Kendo Stick on a pole match
3. Anchors Away def Mirror Image Megastars to become 2 time Tag Team Champions
4. Big Duke def. Big Daddy Destro to become double champion!


SoCal Pro Wrestling
August 17th 2013
Oceanside, CA - Results

1. Jason Redondo & Ronnie Thrash def. Anchors Away
2. Big Duke def. Tyler Bateman
3. Tommy Wilson & Ricky Mandel def. PPRay: Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas
4. Andre Machievski def. Chris Kadillak
5. Big Daddy Destro def. SoCal Crazy to retain the SoCal Pro Wrestling Championship


SoCal Pro Wrestling
August 2th 2013
Escondido, CA - Results

1. Ryan Stone def. Taven Osiris
2. Ronnie Thrash def. Vance Lamborghini
3. Giant Maldacito def. Jimmy Ray Walker
4. Big Duke def. Andre Machievski to retain the Golden State Championship


SoCal Pro Wrestling "Summer Sizzle"
July 13th 2013
Oceanside, CA - Results

1. Ronnie Thrash def. Matt Twizted
2. Andre Machievski def. Jimmy Ray Walker
3. Nick Lovin def. Chris Kadillak
4. B-Boy def. Ray Rosas
5. Joey Barone def. Todd Chandler
6. Tommy WIlson, Ricky Mandel, Big Duke def. Destro, & Anchors Away

SoCal Pro Wrestling
Escondido, CA - Results

SoCal Pro Wrestling "Summer Classic"
Oceanside, CA - Results

1st round of Summer Classic Tournament:
"The New Age Punisher" B-Boy def. "Lovin" Nick Lovin
"Mr. Megastar" Tommy Wilson def. Sgt. Major Alex Adonis
Rene Bustamante def. "Mirror Image" Ricky Mandel
SoCal Crazy def. Joey "The Bone" Barone
Semi Finals Round of Summer Classic
Tommy Wilson def. B-Boy
Rene Bustamante receives bye to finals
Summer Classic Finals
Rene Bustamante def. Tommy Wilson to become the 2013 Summer Classic Winner
NON - TOURNAMENT MATCH: Jimmy Ray Walker def. Vance Lamborghini
Golden State Championship
Big Duke def "The Polish Tyrant" Andre Machievski to become the new SCP Golden State Champion.


SoCal Pro Wrestling
May 24th 2013
Escondido, CA - Results

1. SoCal Crazy defeated Sebastian Cruz
2. David E Jones defeated Pulpo Dorado & Omar in a triple threat match
3. Andre Machievski defeated Jimmy Ray Walker to retain the Golden State Championship
4. Ronnie Thrash defeated Matt Twizted
5. FTW & Big Duke defeated Rene Bustamante, Giant Maldacito & Doc Shady


SoCal Pro Wrestling - MAY DAY
May 18th 2013
Oceanside, CA - Results

1. Jason Redondo def. Rene Bustamante
2. Nick Lovin, Sebastian Cruz & Joey Barone def. SoCal Crazy, Thrash & B-Boy
3. Andre Machievski (c) def. Big Duke to retain the Golden State Championship
4. Big Daddy Destro (c) def. Chris Kadillak to retain the SoCal Pro Heavyweight Championship
5. Tommy Wilson & Ricky Mandel def. Anchors Away in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match to become the NEW SoCal Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions


SoCal Pro Wrestling - 6-Year Anniversary
April 23rd 2013
Oceanside, CA - Results

1. Jimmy Ray Walker won the Over The Top Battle Royal
2. Andre Machievski defeated Jommy Ray Walker
3. Rene Bustamante defeated SoCal Crazy
4. Frosted Tip Warriors defeated Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas
5. Mirror Image Mega Stars defeated Anchors Awayby Dq.
6. Big Daddy Destro Defeated Willie Mack to retain the SoCal Pro Heavyweight Championship


SoCal Pro Wrestling
March 23rd 2013
Oceanside, CA - Results

Pre-Show Match: Taven defeats Vance Lamborghini
1. Tag Team Title Match: Anchors Away(c) defeats Pulpo Dorado & Jimmy Ray Walker
2. Joey "The Bone" Barone defeated Chris Kadillak
3. Golden State Championship: Big Duke defeated Andre Machievski (c) via Count-out.
4. #1 Tag Team Contender Match: Tommy Wilson & Ricky Mandel defeated SoCal Crazy & Kid Caramba
5. Ronnie Thrash defeated "Lovin" Nick Lovin
6. SoCal Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship Match: Big Daddy Destro (c) defeated The New Age Punisher B-Boy to retain the SCP Championship


SoCal Pro Wrestling - Gold Fever
Oceanside Boys & Girls Club - February 16th 2013

1. Omar defeated Vance L
2. Ronnie Thrash defeated Joey The Bone Barone
3. Tommy Wilson defeated Kid Caramba
4. Ricky Mandel defeated SoCal Crazy
5. Big Duke defeated Nick Lovin
6. Big Daddy Destro, Anchors Away & Andre Machievski defeated FTW, JRDub & Johnny Yuma


SoCal Pro Wrestling
Oceanside Boys & Girls Club - January 12th 2013

1. Andre Machievski defeats Kid Caramba to retain the Golden State Title
2. Jimmy Ray Walker & Vance L defeat Nick Lovin & Joey Barone
3. Tommy Wilson defeats Big Duke
4. "Mirror Image" Ricky Mandel defeats Jeff Resnick
5. Anchors Away defeat Ric Ellis & Devin Sparks to retain the Tag Team Titles
6. Big Daddy Destro defeats SoCal Crazy to become the new SoCal Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion


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