SoCal Pro "Season’s Beating”
Oceanside Boys & Girls Club December 1st 2007
Show #7

1) 99 Cents defeated Ricky Mandel
2) Thunderwolf defeated Paranoia
3) The Ballard Brothers defeated SoCal Crazy & Conde Jr.
4) Johnny Goodtime & Evan Jelik defeated Anchors Away
5) Chimaera defeated LTP
6) Jason Redondo defeated SoCal Crazy ( who accepted his open challenge )


SoCal Pro
Oceanside Boys & Girls Club November 17th 2007
Show #6

1) Chimaera defeated SoCal Crazy
2) Johnny Goodtime & Evan Jelik defeated The Ballard Brothers
(Shane & Shannon Ballard)
3) Jason Redondo defeated Ricky Mandel
4) Pandillero I defeated Huracan Ramirez Jr.
5) Frankie Kazarian defeated Rocky Romero
6) Adam Pearce defeated Babi Slymm to retain the NWA World Heavyweight Championship


SoCal Pro "Super Clash"
Guajome Park Academy 9.15.07
Show #5

1) Paranoia won the Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match against:
Devin Sparks, Eric Watts, and ThunderWolf
2) David E. Jones and "Petty Officer" Ryan Stone went to a double count out
3) Blue Wonder Kid defeated Mr. Clutch
4) SoCal Crazy [with Lady SoCal] defeated Conde Jr. and Chimaera
5) Ballard Brothers (Shane and Shannon Ballard) defeated Ricky Mandel & Hector Canales and Johnny Goodtime & Evan Jelik in a Three-Way Tag Team Match.
6) "Radiant" Jason Redondo defeated Babi Slymm
7) Al Katrazz defeated Adam Pearce


SoCal Pro "Fantastic 4th Event"
Oceanside Boys & Girls Club July 21st 2007
Show #4

1) SoCal Crazy [with Lady SoCal] defeated Chimaera
2) Kaos defeated Johnny Goodtime
3) Joey Harder and Paranoia defeated Ryan Taylor and ThunderWolf
4) Jason Redondo defeated Ricky Mandel
5. Karl Anderson defeated Conde Jr.
6. Rey Misterio Sr. and Kanaima defeated Septiembre Negro and Pandillero.


SoCal Pro "Saturday Night LIVE! Wrestling"
Oceanside Boys & Girls Club June 23rd 2007
Attendance: 175
Show #3

1) Chimaera def. Ricky Mandel
2) Johnny Goodtime def. Ryan Taylor
3) Joey Harder def. Hook Bomberry
4) Jason Redondo [w/ TNT] def. SoCal Crazy [w/ Lady SoCal]
5) The Young Bucks def. Ballard Brothers
6) Al Katrazz def. Karl Anderson


Oceanside Boys & Girls Club May 12th 2007
Attendance: 185
Show #2

1) Hector Canales def. Hopsing Lee
2) Matt Twizted def. SoCal Crazy
3) Ballard Brothers (Shane & Shannon Ballard) def. Evan Jelik & Johnny Goodtime
4) Charles Mercury def. Paranoia via submission after Death by Mercury
5) Karl Anderson def. Ricky Mandel
6) Al Katrazz & Babi Slymm def. Jason Redondo & Joe Kimball (Mystery Partner)


SoCal Pro "Debut Event"
Oceanside High School April 14 2007
Attendance: 200
Show #1

1) Ballard Brothers def. Young Bucks
2) Scott Lost def. Ricky Mandell via submission
3) SoCal Crazy def. David E. Jones via submission
4) Paranoia def. Thundewolf and Chimaera in a Triple-Threat Match
5) Joey Harder def. Charles Mercury
6) Jason Redondo w / TNT def. Al Katrazz

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